P5PSM: Problem Solving Maths – Primary 5

P5PSM: Problem Solving Maths - Primary 5 - Sample Materials

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It Is All About Problem Sums!

Being one of MIND Matters oldest premium enrichment courses, it is specifically designed as an enhanced-learning platform for Primary 4 to 6 students to acquire higher-order thinking skills and to developed the cognitive appreciation of mathematics concepts to solve challenging problem sums.

Maths Is Not Just About Practice!
It Is About Practising With The Right Set Of Questions!

Who's Should

It is a course for Primary 4 to 6 students who are aiming for the 90s. Students who have a good grasp of Mathematical concepts and want to hone their thinking and problem-solving skills.


MIND Matters have developed our own in-house methodology and carefully crafted our practice questions to help students excel in problem solving especially for HEURISTIC AND NON-ROUTINE QUESTIONS.

When You Are Solving Higher Order Thinking Questions You Not Only Need to Learn the Right Technique You Also Need to Have the Right Guidance